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Vetivert & Co. Neroli Hand and Body Lotion


A gentle cleansing hand and body gel with Tunisian Neroli & Vetivert root.

Our Beautifully Handcrafted Hand & Body Cleansing gel  is made using naturally derived ingredients  which will cleanse and nourish your skin.

Our Neroli hand & Body wash features a long lasting natural fragrance expertly blended to UPLIFT your senses.

This Product is Free From:

  • Synthetic Fragrances
  • Nut oils
  • Parabens
  • SLS

How to use: Apply a small amount to wet hands and work into a lather. Rinse with water and pat your skin dry.


Handcrafted natural hand & body wash with Natural Foaming agents and Essential OIls.


  • Cleanses the skin without stripping & dryness
  • Made with plant oils for  for soft skin.
  • Neroli Essential Oil has an uplifting scent and is also good for skin regeneration.

Skin Type

  • All skin types.
  • Uplifting  scent of Neroli & Vetivert.



Vetivert & Co. Neroli Hand and Body Lotion