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Vetivert & Co. Lavender & Vetivert Body Polish


Exfoliating body polish made from a blend of mineral rich dead sea salts, Rosehip seed, Vitamin E, Safflower & Essential Oils.

Rosehip, delivers essential fats, Vitamin A and Nourishment to the Skin whilst Vetivert Root oil fights dehydration and promotes Tranquility of the  Mind.

Our body polishes slough away at rough and dead skin cells whilst the oils soften and replenish the skin, leaving a scent that promotes the tranquility of mind.

How to use this Product:
Spoon onto damp hands or body and massage in circular motions until the salts dissolve. Rinse off and Pat skin dry.



Exfoliating body polish with dead sea salt minerals& with a blend of Rose & Frankincense oils.


1. High magnesium content fight against aging & fluid retention

2. Potassium for muscle detox

3. Unique blend of oil to deeply hydrate and strengthen skin

Skin Type

  • All skin types.
  • A Floral blend with undertones of Vetivert.


Vetivert & Co. Lavender & Vetivert Body Polish